Falcon Ridge Syrah (2006)

We are in the midst of a winter storm advisory. We have several inches of new snow and it is still snowing. The advisory is in effect until early tomorrow morning.

But, it is Thursday night, which means that tomorrow is Friday which is a happy day because the next day is Saturday!!

I can’t remember where we purchased this Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006 but Tom chose it tonight because I am making a steak dinner (I am trying a recipe in which you sear the steak in hot oil [stovetop] and then put it in the oven on a low temperature. Hey, I am NOT sending Tom out to grill in this weather!) I am also baking potatoes and making a fresh salad. I have a recipe for a sauce to drizzle over the baked potatoes, which includes freshly squeezed lemon juice, sour cream, chives and vinegar. . .sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This wine is okay but it isn’t one I would recommend, particularly. Even if it was a good deal (which it probably was) this won’t be on my “buy again” list. It is very drinkable and absolutely adequate, but it just isn’t great. First of all, the texture is rather thin. The taste is plummy but the aftertaste is predominantly mineral-ly. Tom used the word “leather” to describe the finish, which I thought was very descriptive, too. It’s a little of both — metal and leather. This is not my cup of tea, particularly. However, I will have no qualms about finishing my glass because it is not bad; it is just not my favorite.

Tom: This Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006 is pleasant and interesting: it’s light-bodied but tannic, dry, a nice dark-fruit taste with a bit of a leathery finish. I like it. It’s different than our usual cabs (the light-body-ness may be typical of syrahs; I just don’t know that much about syrahs). (The neighborhood kids are outside playing street football in the snow, I think they’re hoping for a snow day tomorrow…)


5 Responses to “Falcon Ridge Syrah (2006)”

  1. Glenn Bowman Says:

    Drank the very same wine on the same night! You probably got it at Trader Joe’s. I had the same opinion. The Falcon Ridge name and winery is a mystery. Joe’s has carried the “brand” for years. I think it is second or third run wine created by decent wineries in California who simply do not want their name on wine that is only adequate. Regardless, went real well with our dinner!

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Glenn — thank you for commenting and confirming our impression. It’s great that, in spite of it not being great, you made the best of it and enjoyed it with your dinner. . .that’s the spirit! 🙂

  2. Jason Says:

    Just learned using my new favorite tool that this one is an E&J Gallo offering to which they do not claim ownership. Given their brand portfolio I find that a little surprising…

  3. Glenn Bowman Says:

    Good for you!! I have been trying to answer this mystery for years! My friend Seth and I started on the Falcon Ridge Pinot Noir which we lovingly named “Chicken Hawk.” A chicken hawk is a falcon — but other than that, it was just a drunken stupor. This is fun!!!


    What did we all expect for $6? S Bowman

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