Opera Prima Tempranillo (2008)

I purchased this Opera Prima Tempranillo 2008 at Whole Foods on my way home from work tonight. I had stopped to pick up some chicken spicy italian sausage and whole wheat orzo for our dinner tonight. I am making a skillet dish with the sausage and onions, orzo, asparagus,  a diced shiitake mushroom and chicken broth. I thought a tempranillo would be the perfect choice for dinner.

This is a very good value. I only paid $4.99 (and picked up a Cabernet, also, for the same price). It’s interesting. Initially there wasn’t much of a nose, but 30 minutes after decanting, I detect raspberries on the nose. The taste is very fruity — not complex — but juicy and delicious. The finish is sufficiently long with a distinctive flavor. I would highly recommend this wine, especially if you want a full-flavor red at a very reasonable price.

8 Responses to “Opera Prima Tempranillo (2008)”

  1. Pat Adams Says:

    It’s worth trying just based on the great price! We just finished a chicken stir fry dinner and finished off a bottle of Merlot-Cabernet 2005 from Chateau Les Saints Amants. I think it’s one of the bottles that you brought to Asheville at Christmas. We think it has a fruity nose — dare I say maybe apples??

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      So glad you liked it! Tom & I wish we would have taken better mental notes of all the wines we had while visiting you in Asheville. However, we were obviously having way too much fun to pay much attention! By the way, I am having coffee from my Katie mug this morning and I imagine that you are drinking from your Emily cup!

    • Lane Says:

      Hello there! So nice to have found your blog! I noted the post above references Asheville. I bought the Opera Prima Tempranillo and Shriaz in Waynesville, but I live in Raleigh. Would you happen to know who distributes the Opera Prima or if there are any retailers in the Raleigh area by any chance? Many thanks!

      • - Says:

        Hi, we are glad you are here! We do not know about retailers in the Raleigh area, unfortunately, but perhaps one of our readers will see your comment and be able to assist. Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed the Opera Prima Tempranillo & Shiraz.

  2. Athos Says:

    I just bought this from my local WF…I drink after eating a grilled mozzarella cheese sandwich and boy did I get a huge mouth full of melon. The Cabernet CANNOT be beat for the price IMO…

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Melon. . .how interesting. Makes me want to try it again and see for myself. You mentioned Cabernet. Do you remember whether you had the Tempranillo or the Cabernet? I have a Cabernet waiting to open . . .

      • Athos Says:

        I’ve had several of their wines…maybe all of them. My fav is the Cabernet. I’ve easily drink a case or two of that stuff! I’ve had maybe three bottles of the Tempranillo. It’s not bad…but the Cab still takes the cake. The Chardonnay is good also. I drink a lot of it during the summer. It reminded me of a brand called Naked Chardonnay…lots of tropical fruits. The Cab is my budget go to wine…to bad my local WF seems to be running low…they had cases of it on the floor over the summer! Maybe people found out it was a huge bargain. =]

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        I’ll clink to that Charles! Cheers!

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