Domaine Lalande Pinot Noir (2008)

What a lovely day! I am off work this week and I had a fun day. . .getting my hair cut and doing a little shopping. My big purchase was two skeins of yard and two crochet needles and a beginner crochet book. I have wanted to learn to crochet; I used to knit and always enjoyed it. So, this afternoon I read through the first part of the book and practiced the stitches. Such fun! Very, very relaxing. . .

So, tonight I have chicken in the oven along with a yam and an apple crisp. I also have cauliflower ready to steam. I haven’t decided whether I should also make a salad. . .So, Tom chose this French Pinot Noir for me. I had already poured him a glass of a Cabernet from last night, which finished the bottle.  I like this Pinot very much. This is a light bodied and delicate wine, yet the flavor is complex with fruit and spices. The finish is peppery and dry.

This is a keeper.

Tomorrow morning I am going to drive to my friend’s (who lives an hour away) and we are going to go for a long run. . .after that, we will go out for coffee. . .and then I’ll come home, shower and practice my crochet. Ahhh, life is fun when I am on vacation!

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