Gougenheim Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 and Lan Rioja Crianza 2005

Melody and I spent a wonderful Christmas in Asheville, North Carolina.

On Saturday we had a great lunch at Carmel’s (a fun place with excellent service) that included some very nice wines.

Melody had a Gougenheim Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 with an aspargus-and-shitake-mushroom-and-basil pizza. The Gougenheim was an excellent big red — tannic, dark fruit. It complemented the pizza beautifully.

I had a Lan Rioja Crianza 2005 with a turkey club. The Lan was a simple, light table wine that actually went very well with the sandwich.

4 Responses to “Gougenheim Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 and Lan Rioja Crianza 2005”

  1. passionate about wine Says:

    I have the Lan Riserva, haven’t tried it yet, but I am looking forward to it.

  2. Jake Says:

    I haven’t tried the LAN Crianza, but I’ve heard that it’s good value. We opened a bottle of the 04 Reserva yesterday with dinner and it was pretty delicious..

    Here’s my post on the whole thing here:


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