Gold Rush Red Wine

We are being adventurous tonight and trying this wine that we purchased at Trader Joe’s for a very small price (I’m guessing under $5). This is just a simple table wine. The wine label doesn’t tell us the year nor does it say which grapes were used in this wine. So, one must assume that the wine was made economically with a “deal” on certain leftover grapes.

The nose is not offensive but it certainly doesn’t suggest that something wonderful is in store. The taste is simple. So simple, in fact, I might as well be having a glass of cran-grape juice. There is just nothing complex or interesting about it. I think this is a wine that I should use for sauteing mushrooms, not sipping, to be honest.

For dinner tonight, I had some ground beef to use. So, I made a kettle of beefy/vegetable soup. It is simmering now and I have a loaf of sour dough bread to go with it. Should be a cozy dinner for a dark, damp and cold December evening. (Now, I think I will put this wine away and find something else.  .  .)

Tom: This Gold Rush Red is a simple light-to-medium-body red, with cherry-ish fruit. It would be awesome chilled in the summer with something grilled. It will serve fine as a middle-of-the-week table wine.


5 Responses to “Gold Rush Red Wine”

  1. passionate about wine Says:

    I like Tom’s comment after Melody’s, it made me chuckle.
    Do you find that the more you drink, the less you can tolerate? What I mean is, the more I drink the less I am willing to “waste” even $5 for; I would rather put my $5 towards a $13 or $15 or more because I feel that I have gotten more for my money.

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Passionate about wine. . .yes, I am with you on that! I know there are wonderful $4-5 wines out there, but they are hit and miss and I don’t enjoy the misses at all. Whereas, Tom is a little more open-minded about wines, than I (as you can tell from his comment)!

    Do you have some favorites you can tell us about?

  3. passionate about wine Says:

    Thanks for asking.
    I like Finca de Origin Malbec from Argentina, @$9 at the grocery store.
    Chateau Raspail Gigondas $17 at Costco
    Riparossa Montepulciano d’Albruzzo $16
    Produttori Nebbiolo $23
    Aledeluna Cab. Sauv. from Argentina @9
    I have been trying new stuff, especially Italian lately. You wrote about earthy smell in one of your recent blogs and it made me think of the Gigondas, you might like it. I do like California wines, I am just trying to do something more adventurous, at least for me it is adventurous.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      This is a great list! We are actually going to go wine shopping today because we are going to take a case of wine with us when we go visit family for Christmas. Think we’ll write down your suggestions; you seem trustworthy when it comes to wine recommendations. 🙂

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