Randall Harris Merlot (2006)

I recently ordered and received a 12-bottle case of red wine from a company that was advertising by email recently. The case of wine included 2 bottles of this Merlot. Now, I am not a huge fan of Merlot because I generally find it to be too soft; I prefer the bigger taste in a Cabernet, Malbec or Carmenere. However, this Merlot is not bad. The nose is nice with cherries and pepper. There is a strong raspberry on the palate — a bit too overwhelming for my personal taste — but I can imagine that many wine drinkers would find this very appealing and luscious. The finish is pleasant with spice and fruit.

For dinner, I have made (what else?) turkey soup! The highlight of this soup will be the very rich and savory broth, which came from yesterday’s all-day-simmering of the turkey carcass and vegetables. I added a small bag of cubed potatoes (which I got from our organic food co-op and needed to use) along with some corn and other vegetables. It is a very simple soup but I think it will be nourishing and delicious.


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