Hess Syrah (2007)

It is Wednesday evening. Tom is at an association meeting for our neighborhood. I should have gone, too, but I had forgotten about the meeting and had started dinner preparations so I had to stay home and tend to the stove (oh darn!). So, I am sitting here alone with some music on the Bose, Trigger by my side, and a crossword puzzle nearly completed. I purchased this wine at our local wine shop in Ann Arbor (A & L Wine Castle) on sale for $14.99. This is more than we like to pay for an everyday bottle of wine; however, my experience with Hess wines has been consistently positive. Plus, I try to average out the per-bottle price of wine by buying some inexpensive wines (say, 2 for $9.99) along with a couple $15-20 bottles. Then, a case of wine will maybe average $10 a bottle, for example.

This wine is worth the price. I love it. A quality Syrah with ripe fruit and pepper flavors, the tannins are firm and the finish is long. Yummy.

For dinner, I made a baked ziti with italian sausage, steamed fresh carrots and a salad. So, while I wait for Tom to come home I have no choice but to have another glass of this Syrah. . .cheers!

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