Lindemans Shiraz Cabernet (2008)

We have had this wine several times before but I always try to record my tasting notes each time I have a wine. It is my little diary. . .

So, it is a Tuesday evening. We just had a martini while working on the Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle. (In the past, we would have been reading the Ann Arbor News, but now that the newspaper is only published twice a week, we have switched to working on the crossword puzzle.) Now, we are having a glass of this Australian fruity wine. For dinner, I am making pesto chicken with asparagus and red peppers and angel hair pasta. This wine will hold up well to the strong flavors of this pasta dish.

This is a new-world wine with lots of fruits — especially cherries and raspberries. Soft tannins and a timid finish. . .but absolutely fun to drink and enjoy.

2 Responses to “Lindemans Shiraz Cabernet (2008)”

  1. Pat Says:

    Someone turned us on to the lindeman’s shiraz and we think it is the best wine we have ever had. One of our favorites is parallel 45, but lindeman blew us away.

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