Stone Cellars by Beringer California Shiraz (2008)

We have blogged about this wine before. Tom picks it up at our local grocery store on sale every so often.

This is a fun and easy-to-drink wine. Absolutely nothing to complain about here. The price is right. The nose is spicy. The taste is fruity and the finish is fairly complex and lengthy. California certainly does know their red wines.

It is a late-October evening in Michigan. It is very dark out there, cold, and raining. Tom was happy to see me come home because sometimes a Friday night drive in the dark rain can be tenuous for me! (There are some aggressive and angry drivers out there.)

For dinner, I sauteed a fresh, chopped mushroom (big one)  [that I got from the food co-op that I belong to] in olive oil and butter. I browned pork chops in olive oil. . .then, combined the chops and mushrooms with some broth and let it simmer. Then, I added some thickener. I will serve this with potatoes  and a fresh salad (I still have some baby-lettuce leaves from my garden).

This food co-op that I just joined should be interesting. I split a share with my neighbor and she brings me a grocery bag full of random fruits and vegetables every Monday, which is my share. For example, this last week I got apples, a pineapple, fresh spinach, one mushroom, one beet. . .isn’t that hilarious? But, I like the challenge it gives me to make sure I use everything. (I made a delicious apple cobbler with the apples last night.)And, yes, I cooked and ate the beet.


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