Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon (2007)

We have had the 2006 vintage of this wine many times but I believe this is our first 2007. We just finished a gin martini (up, shaken, with olives) and now are sipping this wine while we finish the newspaper crossword puzzle. Dinner will be soon – just a fresh salad from my garden and a leftover pizza. Nothing to brag about but an  easy meal, for sure.

I am too hyper to cook because my son (my baby) is coming home tomorrow. He has been teaching for one year in Paju, South Korea. I cannot describe how excited I am to see him!

This wine is adequate but not particularly my cup of tea. I generally like California Cabernets but this one has a strong vanilla taste. . .a subtle whiff of vanilla is much more my style. So, although I think Tom would say positive things about this wine, I have to conclude that it is a bit too cloying for my taste. So, definitely adequate. But it doesn’t make me swoon.

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