Chateau Portal Minervois (2006)

It is a beautiful July summer evening – unseasonably cool. So, I am taking advantage of the temperature with an oven meal. Meanwhile, we are having a glass of this French red Chateau Portal Minervois. I requested something special tonight! I just finished teaching a 6-session course for graduate students. Each of the sessions were long.  .  .took a lot of energy, especially after working all day. But, I loved the students and hope they learned something valuable.

So, now we are having a quiet evening and decompressing from a busy week. I made a penne pasta dish that is in the oven. I have harvested lettuce and onions from my garden and will add avocadoes, green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes for a fresh salad.

After selected and tasting the wine, Tom wasn’t overly enthused about this wine and asked if I would like to have something else. But, I am very happy with this wine.  It is an old-world, austere French wine with a grassy aroma. The taste has some vanilla and spice with a long finish. I think it is perfect for our pasta dinner.  Cheers!

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