Quail Creek Shiraz

We are still on our Quail Creek binge! (I purchased 3 bottles of their Shiraz and three bottles of their Cabernet (for $4.99) this week while shopping at Whole Foods.) So, what a deal! We have mixed feelings about this wine.

Tonight I taught a class after work so I am getting home rather late. We are going to have pizza so a Shiraz is an excellent choice for our dinner.

About the mixed feelings: Well, on the one hand, I appreciate the value of this wine. I mean, it’s $4.99 a bottle and it’s a California, which I have found generally to be very good. However, as I said before when I blogged about this wine, there is a kerosene quality to this wine that can’t be ignored. But, the longer it breathes, the better it gets. It doesn’t get to the level of being what I call a really “yummy” wine. . .but, it’s certainly adequate and I am enjoying it. The nose is quite pungent with cedar and cloves. The taste is tobacco and the finish is such that it makes your mouth feel like you just had strong black or green tea. . .

Yet, all in all, I like the wine. It’s an appropriate accompaniment to pizza. And, further, how can anything taste unpleasant on a Friday night?


4 Responses to “Quail Creek Shiraz”

  1. pauline Says:

    hello, I just bought a Quail Creek Shiraz and found your website when I was looking for some information online. It’s very nice to read your article 🙂

  2. Dizzy Says:


    Just picked up a bottle of this for $3.99 at my local WF…maybe the extra year in the bottle helped, it tastes pretty good now….I’m not picking up the kerosene. A good value IMO- for when you want to have inexpensive wine with pizza, Mexican, etc. Thanks for your comments though!

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