Green Acres Zinfandel (2008)

Green Acres Ranch Lodi Zinfandel 2008It is a summer Wednesday night in Michigan, the first day of July. We have a cool front with some rain so it is quite cozy tonight. So, I decided to take advantage of the cool weather and use my oven. I baked a batch of double-chocolate, walnut brownies (Tom loves these) and I made a stew out of leftover pot roast and some vegetables, which I put in a cast-iron skillet in the oven. We’ll have a comfy night and a comfy meal tonight.

I chose this California Zinfandel for our post-martini cocktail! (The martini was wonderful — served in an icy cocktail glass with just the right combination of gin & vermouth.) I am happy with this wine. I generally do not gravitate to Zinfandels — only because I am such an avid, die-hard Cabernet Sauvignon fan. But, I thought this would be a good selection for our dinner and I am pleasantly surprised at how good this is. A pleasant burst of raspberries and spice and a mellow mouthfeel. The finish is true oak.


4 Responses to “Green Acres Zinfandel (2008)”

  1. Frank Says:

    You sound like alcoholics to me

  2. john Says:

    wife and I cracked a bottle of green acres zin for an aperitif tonight. we agree with your description. we thought it had some bing cherry notes. A long way from a traditional kick-ass-inky zin like Ridge or old-vine Turley but for basically 10-buck-chuck, very presentable. A side note to Frank, addictions really aren’t a problem–as long as there is a good supply of what you’re addicted to. cheers, john and pat.

  3. Small t Says:

    Well, we have a bottle of Green Acres 2008 Lodi and plan to drink it tonight. Hope it has aged since your comment in 2009 and 2011.

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