Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon 2006It is Memorial Day and we are relaxing after an active day working outside on various projects. Tom is finishing the bottle of wine we opened last night (P.K.N.T. Carmenere). It was very good

However, that bottle is now empty so I opened this Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon 2006. I knew immediately that this was going to be one of those special wines that I especially enjoy. It starts with the nose. As soon as I pulled the cork, aromas of cherry and cedar were evident.  In the glass the color was blackish purple with good legs. The taste is so good it makes me swoon! This is absolutely my kind of wine. In the mouth is a  layered feel, abundant with black currants and cherries.  This tannins are mature and lush.

The price tag on this bottle is $20.99 but I know I bought it on sale for a lot less. I wish I would have purchased every bottle available! This will go very well with our dinner tonight. Unlike many of our neighbors who are grilling outside tonight, I decided to cook inside and give my husband a break. I started with country-style pork ribs, which I browned in hot oil in a heavy skillet until they were browned on all sides. Then to the skillet I added a mixture of ketchup, onions, green peppers, worcestershire sauce and cream of mushroom soup. I covered the skillet and put it in the oven (I also added cubed, golden potatoes with the skins on) and it has been baking for over 2 hours. Whenever we finish our cocktails I’ll make a fresh salad and take the skillet out of the oven. Tom says it smells heavenly. . .we’ll see! Happy Memorial Day especially to my father in Traverse City who (I think in 1944) was shot down out of his B-17. He parachuted safely to the ground only to be captured by German soldiers. He spent his next year as a prisoner of war in horrendous conditions. He is my hero.

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