Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)

We’ve had this Califorina Cabernet many times before but we always come back for more. It’s Friday night and we are listening to music and reading the newspapers. I just got home from a one-night trip and it is great to be home. For dinner, I am going to make a gigantic salad. . .with baby romaine lettuce, avocados, orange peppers, some hard-boiled eggs, and some parmesan chicken breasts (leftover from another meal). My salad dressing is my own invention. I start with a bit of spicy brown mustard and add olive oil and red-wine vinegar and a little balsamic vinegar. I add oregano, basil, rosemary, savory and thyme, salt & pepper and shake it until blended. It is wonderful.

I really enjoy this wine every time we have it. Lots of berries on the palate with a vanilla and oak finish. Something fun to try. . .kind of goofy, but interesting. . .take a sip of this wine normally and taste it. Then, take a sip while at the same time “slurping” air. It’s fascinating how many more flavors come through with the slurping method!

2 Responses to “Beringer California Collection Cabernet Sauvignon (2006)”

  1. Sandi Says:

    Hmmm, I’ve never tried the slurping method…thanks for the tip. 🙂

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    You are welcome, Sandi. Let me know what you think!

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