Ramirez de Velazco Malbec 2008

ramirez-de-velazco-malbec-2008We’re have this Ramirez de Velazco Malbec 2008 and recovering from a long week.

It’s quite nice. It tastes of vanilla and light blueberry-ish fruit at the front and of mint at the back. Pleasantly dry and tannic.

Melody is cooking a pasta-and-chicken dish. It smells wonderful. The medium body will go nicely with it.

6 Responses to “Ramirez de Velazco Malbec 2008”

  1. Doug Says:

    This is your third review of a wine I received from 4Seasons. Are you getting wines from them as well.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Doug — yes, we get our wines from several sources and 4seasons is one of them. We enjoy the fun of opening the “surprise” box every few months. Have you enjoyed the wine club experience?

  2. Mike Says:

    We have be trying quite a few malbec’s over the past year. Like many varietals, thre is great variance. We too acquired this Velazco from 4Seasons club.

    We found the Velazco 2008 Malbec to be full bodied, fruit forward of dark berries, a hint of plum, and dark chocolate vanilla notes on the finish. If it had any spice you might declare it an old vine zinfandel. I expect a year of aging will take away some of the initial distinct fruit and smooth it out further. One I will consider ordering.

  3. Joseph Says:


    I bought several cases of the 2007 Stone Cellars 2007 to let mature for a few years. As far as I know, the ’07 vintage is sold out, so I was glad to get mine at $5.25/bottle. Like it a lot. Recently had the Velasko De Ramirez(Malbec) 2008 and am trying to find it under $100/ case. Any suggestions? Love the recipes!!

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hi Joseph. . .I’m glad you like the recipes. I only include them because of comments such as yours! I think sometimes it helps to read what someone else is making for dinner just for the ideas and helps us answer the age-old question “what should I make for dinner tonight?”
      Afraid we don’t have any suggestions on where to find your 2008 Malbec for under $100/case, but it sure sounds like you’re a good shopper and you will probably succeed in your search!

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