Château Portal Minervois (2006)

chateau-portal-minervois-2006It is a Monday evening and we are relaxing before dinner with a glass of wine, the newspaper and a glass of this Château Portal Minervois 2006 from France. It is very cold in Michigan tonight and we are under another winter snow advisory with snow expected starting tonight and through tomorrow (along with wind). I fly to a conference in DC tomorrow so I hope the wind doesn’t make for a bumpy ride.

This Château Portal Minervois 2006 wine is from a wine club; I think 4 Seasons Wine. The nose is a combination of geraniums and licorice. The taste is cigar box and vanilla. The finish is long and spicy. A very delicious selection for a Monday night. We are having leftover chili, the remains of our whole-wheat bread from last night, and a wedge of cheddar cheese.


8 Responses to “Château Portal Minervois (2006)”

  1. Brendan Says:


    After proposing to my girlfriend–we celebrated at dinner by opening the above bottle of wine—and for my wedding gift to her I’m going to be a half a case to celebrate our anniversary each year.

    We marry this Saturday!

    Washington, DC

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Brendan — Oh, how I love a romantic story! How wonderful for you and your fiance. May the two of you celebrate many, many happy moments together! Tom & I will be sure to “toast” to you on Saturday.

      • Brendan Says:


        Greetings. Brendan again….the weddging was excellent–thanks for the kind reply.

        Quick question for you—we both bought each other wedding gifts, but what I really wanted to do is purchase a case of the wine we shared on our engagement night (chateau portal minervois 2006), so we could open one up for the next several years on our wedding anniversary.

        However, I can not for the life me find any store/wine club that has any more of these bottles. It looks like the vintage has been completely closed out/sold out. Any suggestions on how I can get my hands on a few of these bottles?

        Thanks again.

        Brendan Mullen
        Washington, DC

      • Tom & Melody Says:

        Hi Brendan,

        What a lovely and romantic idea!

        See if you can order a case from this site pasted below. It is from Sunday Times Wine Club in United Kingdom. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking in case ordering from here is not practical.|60986&productId=prod15363

  2. Brendan Says:

    Thanks guys—I acutally found the above site as well as another one in the UK, however, neither will ship to the States. I’ve been in touch with two of the most reputubable wine shops here in Wash, DC and the told me that I’m basically out of luck—unless I travel to the UK and then bring them over with me. If you run into this bottle, please keep in mind. Thanks again. Best, Brendan

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Brendan — You can be sure we’ll keep our eyes open for this wine. If we find it, we’ll let you know. Maybe a trip to the UK is in your future. . .

      • patti Says:

        i was just wondering where ours came from too… am thinking maybe wall street journal wines. try there! good luck. loved this wine!

  3. Paula Easterlow Says:

    Hi Brendon, I have just been given 2 bottles 2003 and 2005 do you want to buy them? paula

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