Kíona Washington State Proprietary Blend (2002)

kiona-washington-state-proprietary-blend-2002It is a Wednesday evening and I had to work late and drive to a school downriver in Detroit to give a presentation. Driving home was dark with rain mixed with snow. I am so happy to be home. Tom poured me this glass of Kiona Proprietary Blend red wine, which we opened last night. It’s made from 59% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot and 11% Cabernet Franc.

I have had to get accustomed to the Washington State wines and this one is no different. This wine does not make me swoon, but that is probably because of me, not the wine. I have grown accustomed to a certain kind of wine and I have discovered that Washington State wines are different from what i am used to. I find Washington wines sharp and woody. This is not a fruit forward wine but the finish is bursting with cherries. For me, this wine requires a bit of concentration to appreciate. The work is worth it. As it breathes, and as I savor the complexities, I find I like it very much.

Weekend — hurry and get here!!  Cheers. . .

4 Responses to “Kíona Washington State Proprietary Blend (2002)”

  1. Tony Says:

    Don’t get lazy with your syntax missy! I think I caught an “i” instead of an “I” in this post…

    I know English is not your first language, but a quick proofread should correct those mistakes 🙂

  2. Wine Blog Says:

    I think Washington reds are among the best in the World and the quality is improving very quickly. They have done amazing stuff with Bordeaux varietals and the Syrah is amazing too. Just keep trying them and you’ll find some great wines.

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