Robert Mondavi Syrah (2006)

robert-mondavi-private-selection-syrah-2006It is the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am about three nights behind in blogging. We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. My parents drove down from Traverse City and I am very thankful that they had an uneventful trip. My dad, who is 85, is so smart! My mom forgot to bring the directions to our house (she decided not to bring her purse, which is where the directions were), but he figured it out.

I had ordered a fresh turkey from a local farmer and, to my dismay, discovered the smallest turkey they had was 25 pounds! I was concerned about cooking it. . .but the turkey was delicious. I put it in the oven at 11:30 at 425 for an hour; then I flipped it (no easy task) and then turned the oven down to 325. I had the turkey on a v-shaped rack in a roasting pan. The turkey then roasted for another 5 1/2 hours. It turned out moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.  Although our son, Tony, was not with us, we did have a great “Skype” conversation with him, which was wonderful.

Now, our parents have gone home and we are having a relaxing evening together. Trigger is slumbering on my lap and I have leftover turkey and stuffing in the oven.

This wine is delicious! It is bursting with fruit and oak with a very smooth and long finish. Yum!

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