Bodega Norton Malbec (2007)

It is a rainy, cold Friday night in Michigan and it is soooo nice to be home! Trigger is cuddled up next to me and Tom and I are reading the paper. I needed to stop at the grocery store on my way home tonight to get ingredients for a recipe that I need to bring to the “cooking group” on Monday night. This is a group of women who recently invited me to join. They get together once a month. There is a different “planner” each month who plans the meal and distributes recipes to all the members. We then make our dish and bring it to the dinner. Anyway, I digress. As usual, although I stopped to only buy lemons, eggs, butter and phyllo dough, I also picked up two bottles of wine. This is one of them.

This Bodega Norton Malbec 2007 is a red from Mendoza, Argentina. Our son Tony and his friend George spent some time in this region last summer and tasted some wonderful Malbecs. The winemakers know what they are doing! This Norton Malbec is silky smooth and smoky. Very rich cedary taste. The tannins are discreet and the finish is long.

For dinner tonight, I am making a dish of sauteed steak (cut up in small chunks) with asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and green onions from my garden, served over spaghetti tossed with olive oil and freshly-ground salt and pepper.

Cheers. Have a great weekend — and, if you are in the midwest, stay warm.

11 Responses to “Bodega Norton Malbec (2007)”

  1. Vicki Voisin Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Friday night, Melody. Do tell about the dish you’re making for the Cooking Group in your next post! Vicki

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Okay, Vicki, I will! Hope you are staying warm up there!

  3. Vicki Voisin Says:

    It’s a drizzly Saturday…perfect for a drive to Traverse City…will look at wine at Sam’s Club and then have an early dinner at the Red Ginger (Thai food!).

  4. Tom & Melody Says:

    Vicki, we were in Traverse City, too! We drove up on Saturday to see my folks and drove home today. It was very windy and, at time, heavy rains, coming home.

    Did you find any good wines at Sam’s? How was dinner at Red Ginger? I love Thai food!

  5. AWToday 26/10/08 « AWToday Says:

    […] Bodega Norton Malbec (2007) By Tom & Melody Anyway, I digress. As usual, although I stopped to only buy lemons, eggs, butter and phyllo dough, I also picked up two bottles of wine. This is one of them. This is a red from Mendoza, Argentina. Our son, Tony and his friend, George, … Tom and Melody’s wine blog – […]

  6. Tony Noriega Says:

    Tom and Melody:

    Thank you for posting your comments about the Norton Malbec wines…..on your recommendation I bought a bottle this afternoon and will be taking it to a Christmas party this evening.

    Stay well (and stay warm!)

    Tony Noriega

  7. Tom & Melody Says:

    Great news, Tony! (Love your name!) I hope the party was a smashing success!

  8. jimmyt Says:

    I found you on a search for the wine you mention in this post. I’ll have to say that I am not as much a fan as you seem to be. You mention that “long” finish when I would describe it more as a “disappearing act”. Anyway, I am just finishing the first glass, maybe it’ll get better. Thanks for posting on this wine. Merry Christmas!

  9. Tom & Melody Says:

    Merry Christmas, JimmyT.

    Please let me know if you think the wine is better after breathing. I’ll be very curious to know. And, your comment about the finish is very interesting to me. It makes me want to try this wine again soon and test it. Please stay in touch!

  10. Tom S Says:

    I absolutely agree – this is a very good wine from a very good vintner. We’ve been enjoying this Malbec for some time now – we keep returning to it. For non-amatuer reference see Hugh Johnson’s latest pocket guide.

  11. Tom & Melody Says:

    Tom S., Okay, I’m going to look at that; thanks! I’ve not heard of Hugh Johnson but I will google this and see if I can find the pocket guide. I’m glad to know you like this Malbec.

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