George Phillips Cellars Zinfandel (2004)

This California George Phillips Cellars Zinfandel is my choice for this Monday night. It is damp, rainy and cool in Michigan. And very dark at 7:30 p.m. For dinner, I have put together a large cast iron skillet with skinless chicken breasts, red potatoes and a chicken-broth & mushroom sauce. It is simmering now and I will add a vegetable in a few minutes. Nothing fancy but sustenance for this start-of-the-work-week evening. I took quite awhile to choose a wine for tonight because what we happen to have stocked right now are big reds typically more suited to red meat and/or cheese. But, I am glad I came across this Zinfandel; it will be perfect for tonight’s dinner.

In the glass it is not impressive; it looks rather thin and pale compared to the big, purple inky Cabernets we are used to. However, the color is deceiving. This is a big, jammy dry wine. By the way, this is the same grape that produces “white zinfandel” but that is an entirely different wine — the white zinfandel is made from the same grape but with the skins removed, which makes for a very different wine.

This Zinfandel has chewy tannins and great fruit flavor. It is smashing! 🙂 Cheers!

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