George Phillips Cellars Zinfandel (2004)

Oh yum! This is a great wine! This George Phillips Cellars Zinfandel 2004 is just delicious. The nose is spice and mushrooms, oddly, but it really makes a nice bouquet! The tannins are lip-smackingly firm, which I love. The taste is full of fruit — plums and cherries.

It is Sunday night and I have pork loin chops marinating, potatoes simmering (for mashing); I baked a loaf of whole wheat bread (it’s cooling) and a pan of oatmeal walnut-chocolate chip cookie bars (also cooling) and I’ll be heating up leftover baked beans and also a vegetable (undecided).  We’ll be heading outside in a few minutes to sip our wine and watch over the grill. It was a stupendously beautiful Indian summer October day in MIchigan. The leaves are turning but are not at their peak, yet. We took Trigger on a couple of very long walks today and enjoyed the sights.

Tommy had class today and he is now home. We miss our Tony, but all is well!


One Response to “George Phillips Cellars Zinfandel (2004)”

  1. Ann McBride Says:

    I was just given a bottle of George Phillips Cellars 2004 Zinfandel. I am trying to find information on the wine. I don’t know much about wine.
    your Blog came up in one of my searches. does this wine get better or worse with age. it is now 2014 and you wrote you review in 2008! I am kind of wondering is this middle of the road, low end, good or very good wine?
    I need to know who to share it with! my wine loving friends or my drug store wine friend! I appreciate your help. I called a local wine store they were not familiar with the vineyard. Ann

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