Barón De Barbón Rioja (2005)

Baron de Barbon Rioja 2005

This Barón De Barbón Rioja (2005) is my choice for this Sunday evening. I have made a casserole of baked beans with lots of crispy bacon (which is in a low-temperature oven), and I put together an apple crisp for dessert. Oh, and the main dish will be hamburgers on the grill with fresh tomatoes from the garden.

This wine is made from 100% Tempranillo. It is the perfect balance of toasty oak and very ripe strawberries and cherries. It is surprisingly light and refreshing with subdued tannins.

Tommy is out playing flag football tonight. He will be home soon for dinner. I was able to have a 30-minute Skype call with Tony yesterday morning. It was so good to see him and talk to him. I learned so much about his job, the culture, and his routine in South Korea.

Gigi, if you are reading this, hi!!! Thank you again for your sweet post the other day!


2 Responses to “Barón De Barbón Rioja (2005)”

  1. GiGi Malm Says:

    Dear Melody ~~~~ of course I’m reading your blog!! I really did sincerely mean what I said the other day —- I am so appreciative that you take the time each day to inform and enlighten ”us”.
    The above mentioned casserole sounds WONDERFUL! As our temps here in Florida are finally starting to dip into the lower 70’s at night, I look forward to turning the oven on again, and smelling some Cozy Food!
    Have a most wonderful evening ~~~ and give Trigger a little pet, for me; my little guy, Rusty, is snuggled beside me as I write this.
    GiGi 🙂

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello to Rusty! Trigger is snuggled beside me as I write this! Glad to know you will soon be enjoying some Cozy Food, Gigi!

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