Sangiovese Rubicone Vezzani

Vezzani Sangiovese Rubicone 2007

This is our second bottle of this Sangiovese Italian red wine. A medium ruby red in the glass, the nose is a lovely fruit — very delicate and inviting. I like the taste of this wine very much. This has as much to do with the structure as it does the taste. While it is quite dry, it is also softly spicy and fruity. This wine has a somewhat austere, old-world quality to it that is quite wonderful.

We are enjoying this wine at the ideal temperature for red wine — thanks to Tom’s brother and wife, Bob & Suzanne, who gave us a wine refrigerator! Thank you, Bob & Suzanne!

2 Responses to “Sangiovese Rubicone Vezzani”

  1. Midge Says:

    Where can I purchase a couple bottles of Rubicone,they are for a present Thanks.

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Midge, your question reminds me that we need to start keeping a record of where we purchase our wine. I can’t remember where we bought this; but let’s see if one of our loyal wine-lover readers will be able to help you. . .stay tuned!

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