Cherry Creek Cellars Proprietor’s Reserve

I have been saving (hoarding) this special wine for a long time. The Cherry Creek Montage has been my absolute favorite Michigan wine and I was waiting for a special occasion to open this Proprietor’s Reserve, which we purchased during a wine-tasting expedition to Cherry Creek Cellars. John Burtka, the winemaker, does not disappoint! The wine is complex and acidic with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The Cabernet contributes color and tannins; the Pinot contributes the soft and velvety feel in the mouth. This is an old-world tasting wine that reminds me of the Italian wines we have enjoyed. This is the opposite of the Australian fruit-forward wine — complex and tantalizing.

It is the close of Memorial Day weekend so that is one reason to celebrate. The other reason is that this is the weekend that Tom & I met (years ago) via being introduced by mutual friends. Who knew that a blind date could be so wonderful? Thank you, Will & Shirley, for getting us together that memorable Memorial Weekend.

5 Responses to “Cherry Creek Cellars Proprietor’s Reserve”

  1. Political Wineo Says:

    I am wondering if you have checked out

    We launched last Spring and have sold more than 600 cases of political wine with our “running mate” St. Julian Winery. Our wine was featured at three Inaugural Balls in DC and it has gained significant state and national media attention. It’s 100% Michigan grown and made.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      No, we haven’t seen politicalwine — but, we both read somewhere that President Obama had the Montage at a dinner and we were quite thrilled to know he had such good taste in wine! 🙂 We’ll check it out. Thanks for the tip! Okay — I just visited the website; very impressive and beautiful pictures. I am eager to check out the wine. Thanks, again!

  2. John Says:

    We just finished bottling our 2008 Riviera Rose. I is a dry Cabernet Sauvugnon Rose. If you have ever been to the south of France in the summer, you will know exactly what I was going after. This is some good stuff!

    This is the first wine completly produced at our Old Schoolhouse location. Let me know and I can meet you there sometime…………….


  3. Seth Says:

    I’d like to recommend to anyone that reads this the 2008 Pinot Noir from Crane Lake Cellars out of Napa Valley. The liquor/wine store near my college sells it for only $4 a bottle. It is way clean and fruity, but still offers a backbone that I think is sometimes hard to find in “new world” pinot noirs. This wine is really drinkable, and for $4 a bottle, 1 just isn’t enough


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