Chateau Fantin Bordeaux (2005)

This French Chateau Fantin Bordeaux is delicious. I ordered a half case of this wine on the recommendation of another red-wine lover. The nose is black fruit and plums. In the mouth is medium to full-bodied structure with a rusty taste mid-palate. The finish has the lovely taste of candied cherries. This wine will stand up to a good steak — which is what we are having for dinner. Tom will grill one steak and then I am going to slice it to serve with steamed brown rice, broccoli and a salad. I think this wine is a winner and I’m glad we have 5 bottles left to enjoy.


3 Responses to “Chateau Fantin Bordeaux (2005)”

  1. Scott Sprague Says:

    We decanted this wine for 4 hrs before drinking.
    The tannins were still present in the finish which shows just how powerful this vintage is. Very impressive.

  2. Scott Sprague Says:

    Another gem from 4 Seasons is the Havana Hills Lime Road # 1481 2005 vintage. It’s a terrific blend of cab, merlot, and shiraz that left me begging for more even after a case was consumed. There are so many complex flavors coming out of the finish of this wine, it can be served with any food or is perfect on it’s own. All for under ten dollars. South Africa is on the rise as a world wine center.

  3. Tom & Melody Says:

    Scott — We couldn’t agree more about South African wines. Thank you for the suggestion on Havana Hills Lime Road. We have not had it and will add it to our list of wines to try.
    Question for you: Did you purposely decant the wine for 4 hours? Tell us more about this if you can! Thanks for your great comments!

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