Terre Nuove Primitivo Puglia (2006)

Terre Nuove Primitivo Puglia 2006Although we received this Terre Nuove Primitivo Puglia 2006 from a wine club and paid over $10 a bottle, I have this tagged at under $10 because I believe it is available for around $9 a bottle at wine shops (based on a quick search).

This Italian red wine is soft in the mouth with smoky spice and fruit. The Primitivo grape is known as Zinfandel here in the U.S. I like this wine very much. For dinner tonight I have made a casserole of ground beef, unpeeled cubed potatoes, onions, pinto and black-eyed peas, and salsa. It’s a weird recipe that I found and seemed like a good idea for a Friday night. I think this wine choice is perfect for tonight!

Iglesia Vieja Reserva (2003)

Iglesia Vieja Reserva 2003This Iglesia Vieja Reserva 2003 from Spain, a blend of 68% Mataro, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 11% Tempranillo, is just my style. The color is purplish in the glass. The nose is a refreshingly soft spice. And the taste is fruity and luscious with a peppery finish. This is really a delicious wine. And probably too lovely for a Thursday night, but oh well!

This is a beautiful Michigan evening; children are all out romping around the neighborhood because it is 48 degrees! We can smell spring and we are all giddy about it. Trigger had an active day outside today and now she is sleeping soundly by my side.

Tom: This a great big red: chocolaty and tannic. Some fruit taste, but not fruit forward. Very nice.

Saliero Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2006

Saliero Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2006Melody is still out of town, Trigger is dozing in Melody’s chair, and I’m trying this Saliero Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2006.

It’s a pleasant Italian red table wine, with medium body, medium dry, with a mild berry-fruit taste. It has the yeasty, musky nose and taste that many Italian reds have. Quite different from our usual big reds, but pleasant.

Georges DuBoeuf Juliénas Beaujolais 2005

Georges DuBoeuf Julienas Beaujolais 2005Trigger on Melody’s chairMelody is out of town for work and she’ll be wondering if I posted, so here it is.

I’m trying this Georges DuBoeuf Juliénas Beaujolais 2005. (Juliénas is one of the 10 Beaujolais crus, a step up from Beaujolais-Villages. We’ve also tried the Morgon cru.)

It’s delightful. Light-bodied, medium-dry, tasting of cherries. Much lighter than our usual cabs and shirazes, but interesting and fun to drink. It has a summery taste to it, and after all, it did warm up to the high 30s here today. (I think Melody would enjoy this as a change of pace, but she wouldn’t want to stray too long from our big reds with the meaty bodies and the sandpaper tannins…)

Trigger is sleeping on Melody’s chair, sunken into her afghan.

Forest Park Mendocino County Merlot (2005)

forest-park-merlot-2005.pngThis Forest Park Mendocino County Merlot 2005 is a very nice merlot, medium-light bodied, dry and with tastes of cherries and vanilla.

An interesting and different merlot…

Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon (2005)

Black Fox Cabernet Sauvignon 2005This Black Fox Cabernet 2005 from California is a lovely Sunday-night selection. Trigger is cuddled on my lap. We took several very long walks today and she is tuckered out.

I have a pot of bean soup simmering on the stove and a loaf of whole-wheat bread that I just put in the oven. For the soup I sautéed onions, garlic, and carrots, then I added the northern beans and sautéed that a bit longer. Then I added chicken broth and some tomato juice and a ham hock. It has been on the stove for four hours and is smelling quite delicious. In a few minutes, I will take out the ham hock and shred the meat and discard the bone.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying this California red after having finished a gin martini. I have read a few reviews of this wine, which were not positive. However I like it. The wine is fruity and woody. There is nothing unpleasant in my mind, although Tom thought it needed to breathe for awhile. I thought it was great right out of the bottle into the glass. Happy Sunday!

Tom: This is an interesting cabernet. The first thing I notice is a whiff of alcohol. It seems medium bodied and medium tannic. The taste is of cherries and vanilla. Different and interesting.

Finca Dubois Bonarda (2005)

Finca Dubois Bonarda 2005This Finca Dubois Bonarda 2005 from Argentina is a wonderful, delicious red wine! Tonight we have both of our sons home with us. We are having this wine before dinner. Tommy is playing his bass guitar and we are just enjoying conversation, wine, and music. For dinner I have a beef brisket in the oven. I also have a skillet of potatoes, peppers, garlic, olive oil, and rosemary (along with sea salt and pepper). It smells delicious.

This wine is so lovely. I am very pleased. The nose is mild and earthy. On the palate is tobacco and vanilla. This is absolutely divine. I am so happy that we have four bottles of this wine!