Agustinos Carmenère (2006)

Agustinos Carmenere 2006We really love this Agustinos Carmenère 2006 from Chile and I believe this is our last bottle from out rack. It is a Sunday evening and I am making spaghetti for dinner. In fact, I am simmering my last batch of sauce that I made last summer with tomatoes from my garden. This deserves a wonderful wine and this is it. The color is inky black. The nose is fragrant with oak and cherries. On the palate is plum and raspberries. The fruity finish lasts an exceptionally long time.

I think this may be one of Tom’s favorites. He is a huge fan of Carmenère. If you can find this wine, I can’t imagine that you would be disappointed.

11 Responses to “Agustinos Carmenère (2006)”

  1. Tim Says:

    This so far is one of my favorites. I served this at a wine tasting I hosted and it was by far the best of show. My guests were initially cautious during the “smell” phase, but immediately were surprised upon tasting. The food pairings began flying from all over from anything grilled, barbeque (of course a Texas fav) to a chesse pizza. The most versital wine to date. Each of my guest have ordered more and I myself ordered a case.

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Tim, You are Tom definitely agree on this one. He just adores this particular wine.

    A very intriguing comment about your guests being wary in the “smell” phase. That has happened to me numerous times. Do you notice that often the aroma gets better and better as it has time to breathe? Sometimes right out of the bottle it can be downright scary!

    I also agree about the pairing. The last time we had this wine, I was making a barbecued brisket. It was a perfect pairing!

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  4. Claudio Contreras Says:

    Dear Tom and Melody,
    My name is Claudio, I’m the Export Manager for Córpora Vineyards & Winery, owner of Agustinos Winery.
    It was very nice to find your blog talking about our Agustinos Carmenere, we really appreciate it.
    It’s always important to hear what our customer feel about our wines.
    Thank you again,
    Regards from Chile.

    Claudio Contreras

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Claudio,

    Thank you so much for introducing yourself to us. We are glad you found our blog. We are big fans of Chilean wines and especially the Agustinos Carmenere.

    Thank you again for taking the time to send us a note of introduction!

    Tom & Melody

  6. Tim Says:

    A pleasure to “meet” you Claudio. I and others are such a fan of your ’06 vintage I’m sure I’ll try to get more. This is such a wonderful and versitale wine. I look forward to future vintages from your winery. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  7. Amy Says:

    Do you know where I can find this wine? I have looked all over and can not find it. Would love to have it for a holiday gift.

  8. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Amy, Let me do some digging around and see what i can find. Our readers usually know more than I do, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them comes through for you!

  9. Amy Says:

    Thank you so much for seeing what you can find. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Bruce Says:

    Hello Tom and Melody,

    I am the Country Representative for Corpora Wines in Russia. (American, though, from Pittsburgh). Agustinos is one of best selling wines here and the Carmenere Reserve is the best selling within Agustinos. I am really glad you enjoy it. have you been able to locate some more wine. Please let me know. Also, if you see it, try VERANDA wines (also from Corpora). We make a Cabernet-Carm that will knock your socks off.

    I enjoyed loking through your blog. Good luck.


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