Finca Dubois Bonarda (2005)

Finca Dubois Bonarda 2005This Finca Dubois Bonarda 2005 from Argentina is a wonderful, delicious red wine! Tonight we have both of our sons home with us. We are having this wine before dinner. Tommy is playing his bass guitar and we are just enjoying conversation, wine, and music. For dinner I have a beef brisket in the oven. I also have a skillet of potatoes, peppers, garlic, olive oil, and rosemary (along with sea salt and pepper). It smells delicious.

This wine is so lovely. I am very pleased. The nose is mild and earthy. On the palate is tobacco and vanilla. This is absolutely divine. I am so happy that we have four bottles of this wine!

6 Responses to “Finca Dubois Bonarda (2005)”

  1. Bob Says:

    I was surprised at the “thought provoking” aftertaste! I am enjoying a couple glasses this evening. I am a member of a wine club and always receive super selections……I wondered about this one though having never heard of it. I wonder no more.
    You two look happy!

  2. Dr. Kenneth Ramsey Says:

    I will be glad to send you what bottles we have. We opened the first bottle last night and it was absolutely terrible. It was so acidic tasting that nothing else came through. We will use it in a pork marinate but that’s about it. Hopefully it won’t ruin the pork dish! Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    • - Says:

      What a letdown to have your heart set on a good glass of wine and to find it less than satisfying. I hope that it works well for a marinade so at least it won’t go to waste!

      • kenneth Says:

        We have wine cellars with over 600 bottles. We try wines from all over the world and some are hits and some are misses, particularly when it comes to red wine. That’s why I tend to drink more white and rose’ than red. I do like “big” reds, though they typically are pricey. Thankfully we have far more hits than misses.

        I hope y’all have a great Holiday Season with some wonderful wines along the way.

        Dr. Kenneth Ramsey; Starkville, MS

      • - Says:

        Thank you and the same to you and yours. Enjoy that wonderful wine cellar of yours!

  3. Bill Hurd Says:

    I think we waited too lon g to try this wine it might be ok for salad dressiing or for removing rust, but we threw it out

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