Pico Syrah (2005)

Pico Syrah 2005I am finishing this bottle of Pico Syrah 2005, which we opened last night. This is a lovely and delicious red wine. I rated this wine as over $10 but I believe you can purchase it for a bit under $10. I received it as a wine-club shipment, and with the cost of shipping it exceeded $10. This is a rich and tasty syrah, full of blackberries and black dirt. There is the expected pepper in the aftertaste, which is long and spicy.

We are having extreme weather in Michigan today. Blowing and drifting snow, sub-zero temperatures, with a brutal wind chill. We are thankful to be safe in our warm and cozy home. I have a pot of soup on the stove for a light supper tonight.


12 Responses to “Pico Syrah (2005)”

  1. ken burnett Says:

    looking to buy the pico but can’t find it anywhere or at any online stores…have any ideas?

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Ken,

    Keep checking here because one of our readers will likely have the answer for you and post it here. They have come through 100% of the time for us!

    Glad you liked the Pico!

  3. Brian Says:

    You can find it through Wine Insiders. 800-615-7304.
    The current offer that I have is for $8.99 with free shipping. It is part of a 12 bottle purchase of 6 wines/ 2 bottles each or 3 reds 4 bottles each. One of the wines is thte Pico Syrah.
    I presume that they would sell u a case of the Pico for the same price but I do not know for sure.

  4. Hap Mills Says:

    For Ken: go to
    they indicate they have it in stock. Best wishes, Hap Mills

  5. Tony Novak Says:

    Have been checking your comments with the wines I have been trying your comments are usually close to mine.

    Have to smile, we, my wife and I actually became wine enthusaists because of a group we joined that had its roots in Travis City. Teams of Our Lady, we have been members of TEAMS and avid wine drinkers every since (abt 1984)
    Keep up the good work, you will be sailing in a few months.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Tony — so great to get your post! It sounds like you are your wife have a lot of fun with your wine tasting! Interesting story about Teams of Our Lady. Was that the name of your group? Did you ever live in Michigan?

  6. Mark Says:

    Dear Tom & Melody,

    Yesterday, I tried a (2007) Cabernet Sauvignon that was made by Pico. This was one of the best cabs that I have ever drank. I am now trying to locate some more locally. I saw your blog on the Pico Syrah (2005). The Pico Syrah had the same style of label. Do you know where this winery is located? If I knew this I will be able to track it locally.



  7. Mark Says:

    Dear Tom and Melody,

    You are correct there is a Pico Winery (or region) in Portugual. But the winery that I am trying to locate is in California. The label states the same. I’m starting to think that this is a winery that Mondavi does not have control of as of yet. That is why they are so hard to locate. Any help in this winery’s location would be helpful.



    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Mark — Your note accentuates the need for better organization and record-keeping with our wine tasting. We, unfortunately, do not have this information but I wish we did. I’m sorry we couldn’t be more helpful.

    • Debby Says:

      I have a Pico 2007 Syrah. Vinted and bottled by Zunio, Morgan Hill, Ca. We ordered this through the US Airways Wine Club this past December. I cannot find it now. Let me know if you track it down.

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