Monarch Glen Merlot 2005

Monarch Glen Merlot 2005This Monarch Glen Merlot 2005 is a little bigger and richer-tasting than some merlots (although still with a merlot softness) and a bit spicier as well. It has tastes of dark berries as well as cherries and vanilla.

We’re having this with stir-fried chicken with brocoli, steamed brown rice, and a salad, and it will complement nicely.

4 Responses to “Monarch Glen Merlot 2005”

  1. Danielle Says:

    got your wine from wine insiders. tell me what you serve with your wine

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Danielle, Well, it depends on the wine and the day. Generally, I would say we serve Merlot when we’re having chicken. Did you taste the Monarch Glen Merlot?

  3. don d Says:

    how is your 2006 merlot?

  4. Tom & Melody Says:

    I haven’t tasted the 2006 Merlot. Have you?

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