Hamilton Estates Merlot (2003)

Hamilton Merlot 2003This Hamilton Estates Merlot 2003 is a special wine because it was gift from Tom’s parents. We have been saving it and only drink a bottle on special occasions. Well, tonight is Christmas Eve and we have our sons home and it is a very special evening.

This Hamilton Estates Merlot 2003 is deep, dark red. The nose is plum, tobacco, and black tea. On the palate the plum and black tea are coupled with berries, dark earth, and strawberry jam. We chose this wine because it is a special night. We will drink this wine with our dinner of a roasted chicken stuffed with garlic, lemon, and thyme. This is a soft and velvety wine. The tannins are gentle. This is a delicious wine.


3 Responses to “Hamilton Estates Merlot (2003)”

  1. Tony Reifel Says:

    Delicious merlot combined with an awesome dinner = a tough couple games of basketball for me later in the night. Merry X-mas!!

  2. Francis Sanders Says:

    Someone forwarded your blog to me…
    I assembled the 03 Hamilton Merlot, with Guy Davis, Paul Moser, and possibly Jill Wild – it’s been a while , so I don’t remember 100%.
    Tried to make an affordable, accessible-when-young but improves-with-age Merlot that wasn’t just alcoholic cherry juice.
    The oak component added some friendly spice elements to the wine, vibrant when young, now smooth and lush.
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Wow, this is very cool to hear from you. We really, really enjoyed that wine. It is a very classy quaff. . .will you be assembling any other wines that we should know about?

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