Barrio La Boca Malbec (2006)

Barrio La Boca Malbec 2006This Barrio La Boca Malbec 2006 is a pearly, opalescent purple in the glass and a fresh and spicy nose reminiscent of cherries and cured meats. It is a dry and tannic, yet quite fruity. The wine has a sharp mouth feel with a smooth finish on the palate. The taste is plums, vanilla, and cherries. The finish is chocolate-covered cherries.

We had reviewed this wine previously but it was the 2005 version. This is the 2006 and it is delicious. What an excellent value. I can’t imagine a red-wine lover that wouldn’t approve of this wine.

I have meatloaf in the oven and it smells yummy. Snow and sleet are hitting the windows. I will make some side dishes shortly to go with the meatloaf. It’s only 8:00 p.m. What’s the hurry?

Tom: We have often enjoyed this inexpensive but delicious Barrio La Boca Malbec. It tastes of cherries and vanilla. It’s fruity but still dry. Very drinkable.


7 Responses to “Barrio La Boca Malbec (2006)”

  1. 2006 La Boca Malbec | An amateur's wine tasting log Says:

    […] Tom & Melody “This Barrio La Boca Malbec 2006 is a pearly, opalescent purple in the glass and a fresh and […]

  2. jjrzut Says:

    Hi Melody – When I grabbed the Don Miguel Gascon Malbec at your request I also grabbed another bottle of this. It is the ’07 I am drinking, have you had that one?

    It compared well but I just know of so many great Malbecs for less than $10 that I am going to spend a bit more here and save on some other low cost reds like the XS and the Red Flyer

  3. jjrzut Says:

    woops..just realized I had the ’06 not the ’07

  4. Colin Says:

    Guys – stumbled across the blog while reading about Malbec’s – as I dig them too! I just got a bottle of the La Boca 2007 actually(yikes!) but I don’t think it’s pretty good. have you tried this year? I’m considering it for my wedding actually in Sept. It tastes as good as most $8 bottles I’ve been trying too. Any thoughts?

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Colin — Go for it, Colin! Your wedding guests will thank you for serving such an excellent red wine! When/where is the big day? Congratulations!!

  6. Colin Says:

    @ Tom & Melody – Thnx guys! I think you’re right. I mean for a “cheap” bottle the La Boca is good. Thnx for the insight, it’s helpful! Wedding day is Sept 13 and in Hood River, Oregon. Willamette Valley Pinot Noir country. 🙂 Thnx again!

  7. Tom & Melody Says:

    You are very welcome, Colin. Gosh, if we were closer, we’d come by and offer a toast to the man with the good taste in red wine!

    Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.

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