Third Stone Syrah (2006)

Third Stone Monterey County Syrah 2006Third Stone Monterey County Syrah 2006 is from California and we received it from one of our wine clubs. The aroma is enticing; plums, pepper, and bramble. I think this wine is delectable. It has a lovely balance of fruit and tannins, which I am discovering is so very important to me. I do not like a syrupy wine! The flavors of plum and cedar and the long finish of pepper and woods is wonderful.

I had a long and demanding day at work today. When I got home, I decided to make a comforting dinner with food that I had on hand – I created what I think will be a delicious casserole of savory sage sausage, diced potatoes, eggs, and cheese. . . we’ll see!

5 Responses to “Third Stone Syrah (2006)”

  1. Ashley Huston Says:

    I haven’t tried the wine yet, but designed the label. I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Now that is COOL! Wow! Thanks for letting us know. The label is quite stunning!

  3. Bob Sisson Says:

    Last night friends brought over a bottle of the Third Stone Syrah to go with a loin of venison we prepared. It was fantastic, held up nicely to the venison. Serving the web to see how to get it in NH as they were sent it from their wine club.
    The label is unique, well done.

  4. Bob Turner Says:

    If anyone knows where we can purchase Third Stone Syrah please let me know. Fabulous wine … from our wine club, but they are sold out.

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Bob, so glad you also enjoyed this wine. I will keep my eyes open for this wine and let you know if we find an outlet where it can be purchased.

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