Shady Lane Serenity (2004)

Shady Lane Serenity 2004Alert the media: Tom and Melody are blogging about a white wine!

We picked up this Shady Lane Serenity 2004 at Shady Lane Cellars during a trip up north to the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan, and what with Thanksgiving and turkey and everything, even dedicated red-wine drinkers like us end up opening white wine sooner and later.

And this Shady Lane Serenity 2004 is delicious. It’s a blend of 57% Vignoles, 25% Chardonnay, and 17% Auxerrois. It’s fresh and big tasting, with a taste of pears, full of fruit but still sharp and tangy. It tastes like Chardonnay on steroids. An excellent white!

2 Responses to “Shady Lane Serenity (2004)”

  1. Anthony Says:

    If you guys like Vignoles wine, you should check out some Missouri wines like Stone Hill and St. James Winery. Excellent white wines, my favorite has to be St. James Winery Vintner’s Select Vignoles.

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