Third Stone Monterey County Syrah (2006)

Third Stone Monterey County Syrah 2006We received this Third Stone Monterey County Syrah 2006 from California from one of our wine clubs. When Tom poured me a glass, I was quite taken with the nose. The aroma is strong and attention getting (and very pleasant). Ahhh, and the taste. . .simply lovely! This is a delicious, yummy wine! On the palate is wood, spice, and pepper. The finish is pepper and a bit of plum, but mainly pepper. I am very impressed with this wine. It’s been awhile since I have raved about a wine. I love it! (Tonight we are having a dinner of a sausage, potato, carrots, and sauerkraut stew. . . a German dish that is savory and comforting on a snowy, cold evening. This wine will hold up well against this spicy-hot dish.) I highly recommend this wine for anyone who loves a big, bold red. Mmmmmm!

Tom: I selected this Third Stone Monterey County Syrah 2006 on the guess that it would be on the spicy side to go with our sausage dinner. It’s very pleasant: fruit forward (cherries and berries), a bit spicy but not particularly so, and more soft than tannic. The combination is a very drinkable, big-fruit wine that is still big enough to stand up to our sausage dinner.


One Response to “Third Stone Monterey County Syrah (2006)”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Sounds like a good one to try. Perhaps (unless you’ve done this and I’ve missed it) you could give some information on the wine club(s) one of these days.

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