Noble Road Cabernet Merlot (2006)

Noble Road Cabernet Merlot 2006This Noble Road Cabernet Merlot 2005 from Australia, a blend of 75% Cabernet and 25% Merlot, is a bit unusual. My first sip was a jolt to my senses, but after swirling a bit and airing, I find it to be a lovely, big, and bold red. While the nose is delicate, the palate is quite zippy! It has a fizzy quality with a mouthful of fruit and a bit of caramel and vanilla. This wine has a long finish of wood and bramble.

We will have this wine tonight with leftover turkey, dressing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans, yada, yada, yada. . .I just need to make room in my refrigerator!

Tom: This Noble Road Cabernet Merlot 2005 is very pleasant. It’s fruit forward (in true Australian style). Its fruit flavor is cherries, with a bit of vanilla. It’s soft and not very tannic; the merlot side seems to mellow out cabernet side. The soft, fruity taste will go well with our leftover turkey.


3 Responses to “Noble Road Cabernet Merlot (2006)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Not sure but I think the fizzy quality is a defect. Sometimes a secondary fermentation happens in the bottle but I doubt the winemaker planned it that way. I’ve seen that happen in wine that has been improperly stored (heated or cooked).

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Andy – How interesting! Are you a winemaker?

  3. isaac Says:

    Wher you I Buy noble road?

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