Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot (2006)

Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot 2006I am finishing the bottle of Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot 2006 tonight. Tom is finishing a bottle of Il Valore Sangiovese 2006. I have a pot of long-grain brown rice simmering in chicken broth and I have chicken breasts marinating in vermouth, orange juice, and szechuan sauce. I’ll also make a salad and steam some broccoli for dinner.

Ahh, it is Friday night after a very demanding week. We are reading the paper and enjoying this relaxing end to the week. I really do like this wine very much. It is dry and tannic and light-to-medium bodied. There is just nothing off-putting about this wine. It is good from start to finish and I am definitely purchasing this one again. This is a great wine for Labor Day picnics! Pick up a bottle. . .

3 Responses to “Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot (2006)”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Hi Melody,
    Every other week I make a run to Trader Joes in Cambridge, MA (near my work) and purchase a case of Charles Shaw Cabernet. A few weeks back my wife asked that I make some other selections as she was getting a little tired of the same wine. I just happened to chose the Sainte-Croix Syrah-Merlot. We loved it. I agree with your comments regarding its taste, etc. I’ll be getting more.
    Nice blog.

    • Etimo Bruce Says:

      Still a good deal with the 2011in 2013! I bought a bottle last week and it just got better and better as it sat out airing. Went back this week and bought two more. The magic repeated itself when I opened another. Was just $4.99 at Trader Joes. A real deal for a “near Cotes du Rhone” with this much comlexity!

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