Il Valore Sangiovese (2006)

Il Valore Sangiovese 2006This Il Valore Sangiovese 2006 from Italy is a delightful, light-bodied quaff. Not a big red, it paired well with our roasted chicken dinner last night. Tom purchased this bottle from Trader Joe’s while I was in Austin last week. He is such a good shopper!

Tom: This Il Valore Sangiovese 2006 is a very nice, dry, light table red. Very easy drinking. It is from the Puglia region of the Italy (the heel of the boot). The Sangiovese grape is the main component of Chianti. A wonderful value at way, way under $10.


5 Responses to “Il Valore Sangiovese (2006)”

  1. MsRebecca Says:

    Really enjoying your blog .. I love to see what food others are pairing with their vino.


  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Ms. Rebecca,

    So happy to hear from you. I will make it a point to mention our dinner plans in our future postings.

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Keep it coming. Also, do you have a favorite wine? I’m always curious to find out what other wine fans enjoy.


  3. Il Valore Sangiovese 2006 « Tom and Melody’s wine blog Says:

    […] a very pleasant Italian red table wine. We’ve reviewed it before. It’s medium bodied, medium dry, and medium fruit (blackberries), with some tobacco […]

  4. Jay Bo Says:

    Hi Folks,
    Since it’s been a looong time since anybody added to this post, I felt compelled to waste a minute here since I’m passing through cyberspace anyway at the moment and was haunted by my Il Valore experience to do a search on it, because I just drank a bottle and liked it enough to check out to see it anyones tried it and whoa boy – this was one of several pages on this wine, well my quick response about it is…Wee – a nice wine….had it with some weberized chickie pieces, bbq’ed with my secret mix of hunt’s elcheapo store sauce and almost = amounts of louisiana hot sauce to give it that hot wing tinge…and this was a real fine food wine date indeed! This nice light Italian Zin cut perfect with the bbq…uuum uum good. Well so its the weekend out there ya all and what the hell, get a 2-3 bottle stach of Il Varore, 07 probably ok too and bring `em on home, for sure open some or all up and fix up some bbq chickies on the grill and have a yum yum taste fest.
    If you’re close, let me know, I’d love to do that again.

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello Jay! So enjoyed your post! I don’t know if we’re close; where are you?

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