Altitude 500 Côtes du Ventoux (2003)

Altitude 500 Côtes du Ventoux 2003We had this Altitude 500 Côtes du Ventoux 2003 on New Year’s Eve and loved it; so, I don’t know if our tastes are changing or if this wine just tastes better on a cold, winter’s night. However, tonight I wouldn’t give it as high a rating as I did in January. What I am not enjoying about the wine tonight is the nose. The nose is musty and unappealing. On the palate, however, the wine is good. It is dark, bitter chocolate and blackberries. While I actually really like the taste, I am realizing how important the nose it to the total experience. I would rate this wine as average.

Tom: I can’t say that I would recommend this Altitude 500 Côtes du Ventoux 2003. It has a very strong alcohol whiff and a vegetal nose. As Melody says, it may be an off night for us or the wine, but tonight this one doesn’t work for me.

2 Responses to “Altitude 500 Côtes du Ventoux (2003)”

  1. Robert P Says:

    What is this, Comedy hour? Stick to the boxed wine and Little Penguin.
    A vegetal nose turns you off? A vegtal nose makes the wine average?
    Anyone can blog about wine but not just anyone KNOWS about wine

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