Huelken Maipo Valley (2001)

Huelken Cabernet Sauvignon 2001This Huelken Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile is quite delicious. It will be a fine accompaniment to our burgers and pasta dinner. The aroma is of cranberries, cloves and tobacco. On the palate is pepper, blueberries and raspberry. Gentle tannins and a long and satisfying finish.This is a great value. We bought it on sale at A&L Wine Castle for under $10. I would rate this wine as an exceptional value — very good taste and reasonable price.

Tom: This is a striking, tasty wine. It tastes Old World, definitely no trace of the sweetness or fruitbombiness that some New World wines have become famous — or infamous — for. Dry, quite tannic, quite acidic. A nice, rich taste of fruit, perhaps blueberries. This is a red-wine drinker’s red wine.

(Tony e-mailed us that he had some very nice Chilean red wine in Bogotá when his friend’s parents there graciously took George and him out to dinner. Based on this wine, we can see why he was impressed.)

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