Four Hands Barbera d’Asti (2004)

Four Hands Barbera d’AstiWine from the Barbera grape has long been an everyday wine in the Piedmont region of Italy. Jancis Robinson states in her book, “How To Taste,” that there has recently been a trend to treat Barbera more seriously and give it wood aging.

Well, I can see why! This Four Hands Barbera d’Asti is really quite good. If I hadn’t read about the Barbera grape beforehand, I would have said this was quite tannic; but, really, this wine leans toward being more acidic than tannic. From my unsophisticated perspective, acidic is similar to tannic. Except, there is a vinegar quality to the finish. This (my own analogy) is what distinguishes the acidic quality from the tannic quality. This reminds me of a Chianti and I can see where the Barbera grape would be considered an everyday wine, simlilar to the Chianti.

I like this wine. It’s medium- to light-bodied and a light ruby color. I would rate it as good. A delightful quaff for a spring evening!

Tom: This Four Hands Barbera d’Asti has an appealing musty dryness. It’s a pleasure to learn about the Barbera grape. This wine is not fruit forward, but much more on the acidic, yeasty side. It’s quite pleasant tasting in that way.

8 Responses to “Four Hands Barbera d’Asti (2004)”

  1. VIPIN PATEL Says:

    Can please forward me an agent name who can deliver for my business.

    Thank You,

  2. VIPIN PATEL Says:

    Can you please forward me an agent name who can deliver four hand wine for my business.

  3. James Phoenix Lake Says:

    I just opened this 2004 after 5 years in my hall closet. Very nice surprise and good quality smoother than expected. Pleasant wine experience is a good description. Not yeasty or tannic. Cheers from Phoenix Lake CA

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      And cheers to you, James. Sounds like this is no ordinary hall closet holding coats and umbrellas! Are there any more 5-year bottles of wine hiding in there?
      Glad you enjoyed and hope you’ll comment often.

  4. Steve & Lynn Says:

    We just opened our bottle of this wine last night and were pleasantly surprised as well. Very smotth and enjoyable. We are looking for more information about this winery also.

  5. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Steve and Lynn, so glad you enjoyed this wine. I hope that our readers will share information about the winery.

  6. Mark Says:

    Anybody know where I can get more of this wine? I can’t find any. I have one bottle left but I’d like to save it for my collection. My wife is not a big red wine fan, but she really likes this wine. Thanks! Happy New Year!

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