Familia Cara Chianti Riserva (2003)

Familia Cara Chianti Riserva 2003My first impression is that of cherries and pepper. This Familia Cara is basically a Sangiovese with a smidgen of Canailolo. It has a definite astringent quality. It is thin and dry. I imagine this would be perfect with pasta and red sauce with crusty bread and olive oil (unfortunately, that is not what we’re having for dinner). This wine is a pale red with tart dried red cherries in the bouquet and nose. As the wine breathes, it becomes more complex and delicious. I note a strong woodiness.  The finish is definitely not long. Although the wine is thin and acidic, it has that lip-smacking, dry punch that I enjoy.  I would rate this wine as very good.

19 Responses to “Familia Cara Chianti Riserva (2003)”

  1. Doreen Lopardo Says:


    I am wondering if the woman on the label of the 2003 Chianti Riserva has really tall hair or is that a hat?

    Thank you,


  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Doreen, I got a great laugh out of your comment – thank you! I put on my reading glasses and studied the bottle and burst out laughing when I saw the woman on the right. Maybe she was the model for Marge Simpson? I have determined that it is either tall hair or something located behind her head. I will be sure to study the bottle carefully the next time we get this! Thanks, Doreen!

  3. ttalias Says:

    Just opened a bottle of this. Grandma (80) said “cherries”!

    Great revue. Hair is a shrup…..funny though.

    I will buy another bottle of this for sure.

  4. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hello ttalias and Grandma! Thank you so much for the comment. I trust Grandma’s judgment here! I need to look up shrup. . .okay, it’s not in my dictionary. Can you tell me what a shrup is? Thanks ttalias!

  5. jackie herkes Says:

    I would like to purchase more of Familai Cara wine . Could you please tell me who carries it!!
    Thank You,
    Jackie Herkes

  6. Tom & Melody Says:

    Hi Jackie, If my memory is correct, we purchased this wine at Trader Joe’s. Let me know if you are able to locate this wine!

  7. Donna Says:

    I purchase Familia Cara chianti riserva 2003 wine at Sam’s club for $8.61. a bottle. They also carry the white wine.

  8. Tom & Melody Says:

    Thank you, Donna. That sounds like a good deal.

  9. Alby Says:

    Cara is My surname!!! aahaha famiglia cara is my family!

  10. Tom & Melody Says:

    How cool is that? Wow!

  11. andre cara Says:

    eu sou andre sou do brasil e gostaria de saber se e realmente uma familia pois meu sobrenome e cara, e gostaria de conhecer outros familiares em outros paises
    obrigado aguardo resposta

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Hello Andre. Thank you for your comment. Where in Brazil do you live? Our son, Tony, spent time in Brazil and thought it was simply beautiful. We appreciate hearing from you!

  12. andre Says:

    sou de sao paulo, muito satisfatorio saber do que acha do brasil, mas familia cara e realmente sua familia ou não.

    • Tom & Melody Says:

      Andre, It would certainly be interesting to know if this winemaker is part of your family. Sao Paulo is a huge city. Have you lived there your entire life? What do you do in Sao Paulo?

  13. Bob Oake Says:

    Love that wine, 2004, Sams in Plano Tx discontinued it. Where in North Dalls can I buy it at $ 9.00

  14. Bob Oake Says:


  15. Bruce Rugg Says:

    A very good wine. We served it at my son’s rehersal dinner and those that drank it, loved it. Tomorrow night we are having 30 guests for chilli. I think it’ll work.

    It also makes a nice finish for spaghetti sauce.

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