Michel Picard Cabernet Sauvignon (2002)

Michel PicardWe have reviewed this Michel Picard cab before but we value this wine and buy it often. I love it because it has everything I love in wine: it is big, it is tannic, and the aroma is pleasing and complex. These grapes are grown in Southern France. In reading about this wine, I see that these grapes are allowed to ripen fully, are de-stemmed, and a portion of the juice is strained to intensify the fruit flavors. The aroma is definitely oaky. The flavor is intense with chocolate, smoke, spice, and ripe fruit. I can’t quite distinguish which fruit, but I would lean towards blackberries. What do you think, Tom?

Tom: I’d like to point out that, because we’d had it before, I identified this wine by name when Melody presented it in a blind tasting! My tasting process is quite simple: three steps — how tannic, what fruit, and how alcoholic. This wine is quite tannic, has non-fruit flavors such as chocolate, and has a strong alcohol taste. So it’s identifiable. It’s a no-nonsense, dry French table wine for grown-ups. Quite good, and a terrific value.

3 Responses to “Michel Picard Cabernet Sauvignon (2002)”

  1. Janet Clarey Says:

    Regrettably the Clarey household is out of wine. On a Friday…how can this be? Anyway, this sounds so good I’ve written it down and will try it tonight. I did want to pass along the name of a good Pinot Noir my husband and I ran across – Laboure Roi 2005 Les Sangliers Pinot Noir Reserve. It was quite nice if you like Pinot Noir.

  2. Tom & Melody Says:

    Janet — No, no! Tell me it’s not true! What a shame to be out of wine on a Friday! I hope you resolve that situation immediately! I have written down your recommendation and will search for this Pinot Noir the next we go to our wine shop. I love a good Pinot Noir. I appreciate your recommendation. Thank you, Janet!

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