Lindemans ‘Bin 50’ Shiraz 2005 and Penfolds ‘Koonunga Hill’ Shiraz 2004

Dottie Gaiter and John Brecher, the wine writers at The Wall Street Journal, wrote about inexpensive Australian shiraz wines on February 16, 2007 (“The Wild World of Australian Shiraz,” page W6). They rated Lindemans ‘Bin 50’ 2005 Good/Very Good and named it the best value ($4.99): “Quite tasty, with plenty of blackberry fruit. No great complexity, and ready to drink this minute, but very easy to enjoy and excellent with hearty food. Repeat favorite. We also like the just-released 2006, which costs about $6.99.”

They rated Penfolds ‘Koonunga Hill’ 2004 ($9.99) Very Good: “Dark and rich, with real depth. Serious wine, with good spices. Reminded us of a good Rhone red.”

Both of these are available at our local grocery store, so we’ll be checking them out.

They also rated Deakin Estate 2004 ($5.49) as Good/Very Good: “True fruit and bracing acidity. It’s a tad thin, but so pleasant and drinkable that it’s an excellent bargain.” This we haven’t seen in our store, but we’ll be on the lookout for it.

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